Music at Bethany

The Bethany Presbyterian Chancel Choir

Led by Derek Martin, director of music and church organist, Bethany’s Chancel Choir is comprised of twelve talented singers. All singers are local professional musicians and/or music educators, many being graduates of Millersville University. Each week, the choir comes together to sing an anthem that emphasizes that week’s gospel reading through their gift of music. They also present two major services per season, providing an added musical experience around both the Christmas and Easter holidays. The choir performs both contemporary and classical sacred music, exhibiting an extraordinary listening experience for the congregation each week.

Listen to the Choir!

Choir Member of the Month

Elvis Zurita has been singing with the Bethany Chancel Choir for about 6 months, after filling in for another tenor while they were out sick. Elvis loved the choir so much, he decided to stay as a tenor for our upcoming 2023-2024 season!

A J.P McCaskey graduate and Lancaster native, Elvis went to Millersville University, where he majored in Music with a concentration in Classical Saxophone. He is currently employed by SpringHouse Brewing Co. as a host and enjoys hiking, listening to music and traveling when he has time off.